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Track Club, the new subscription-based music licensing platform powered by Marmoset, knows what creators need when they look for music. They want to get in, get exceptional music, and get out — and they want the track to feel like it was custom made for their content.


Brendan Raab
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Track Club, Meticulously Curated Music Licensing for Creators, Unveils Infinite Song Customization for Every Track

Track Club, the new subscription-based music licensing platform powered by Marmoset, knows what creators need when they look for music. They want to get in, get exceptional music, and get out quickly — and they want the music to feel like it was custom made for their content.

That’s why the new subscription music licensing app is unveiling a groundbreaking customization tool as it launches to the public on March 1, 2022. Track Club’s MixLab™ customizer lets music seekers transform any song in the catalog into exactly what they need for their video or other content, instantly and intuitively. No longer forced to dig through endless “close, but not perfect” options, creators can now act as music producers themselves, adjusting levels and putting the finishing touches on the ideal soundtrack right there in the app.

This collaborative spirit marks a departure from the uninspiring ready-made music offerings usually marketed to the creator community. It’s an organic extension of what Marmoset has done in the production and sync music business for more than a decade.

 “We have long believed that better is always better than more,” explains Ryan Wines, founder and CEO of Marmoset and Track Club. “That’s why we’ve nurtured relationships with a small, super curated roster of artists and bands. We represent their records and we work closely with them to create exclusive recordings and releases for sync — serving major brands, TV and Film, and now for the creator economy too. The new MixLab™ customization feature is a game changer, empowering creators to be the final collaborators in the track, putting them in the music producer seat. You’re essentially at the mix board, muting, solo-ing and adjusting levels until the song perfectly fits your needs. Then you simply click the download button and instantly have a custom song for your project.”

Track Club’s highly curated, small-batch catalog, coupled with its MixLab™ customization feature, is the antidote to the industry’s long-standing challenge of bottomless libraries of “good, but not great” music shared across sync music providers. The race to acquire the biggest stock music libraries has created a sea of mediocrity, where everything begins to sound the same. Track Club’s “less is more”  belief provides a refreshingly different approach. 

“Suddenly the stakes have gotten high in our industry, where scaling up is driving everything toward commoditization, which quickly leads to homogenization,” says Wines. “We’re beginning to hit a saturation point with all of these ginormous catalogs in the marketplace. Nobody wants to spend hours digging through 200,000 songs just to find one good one. We held dozens of long-form interviews with clients before we even started designing Track Club. We heard they don’t want to spend a ton of time on a music app. They want to find the right song as fast as they can, so they can wrap up their project and move onto the next thing. With Track Club’s customization feature, they can quickly and easily edit a track— in the app — to create the ideal timing, energy, mix of instruments, vocals and sounds. It’s so easy my eleven-year-old enjoys using it.”

Track Club’s catalog upholds Marmoset’s community first, fair, and equitable ethos. Targeting “conscious creators,” Marmoset is the only Certified B-Corp in the industry, investing 10% of profits into community organizations. 

Many of its artist collaborators are from underrepresented, historically marginalized communities — including 62% of the songs added in 2021. These artists and bands, working closely with Marmoset’s A&R Team, have recorded music for major national and international brands including Apple, Patagonia, TikTok, Google, Netflix, Peloton, and myriad others. 

Track Club offers a variety of account options to access this roster of highly curated, exclusive music via cost-efficient subscriptions, including a free Test Drive option — specifically designed for high-volume content creators looking for unlimited, perpetual and 100% legal use. Once the perfect song is found, Track Club provides confidence and peace of mind for users, thanks to its instant clearance feature, TrackID™, ensuring users are clear to legally use music in their content. 

For Track Club, this approach is part of a long-term vision for a better, fairer, and more equitable ecosystem for everyone involved — and one that brings out the creative best in artists and creators. “Our vision is to be the positive disruptor of our industry, at the intersection of music, media, and tech,” notes Wines. “We’re here to stop the race to the bottom. And we believe when it comes to music, better is always better than more.